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So a few days ago, I logged into my fortnite account after my email had been deleted, the account still worked but my account was at risk because I was unable to verify my email if it came to it, so I decide I'm going to email epic games support about my problem, providing proof its my account, I thought it would be easy, they tell me I have not provided enough details which is fair enough because I didn't try very hard on that part (which was wrong of me), I say I understand and give up trying to change my defunct email. Then a few days after I attempt to login to my account, it turns out they locked me out of my account and changed my password/email, so I decide I'm going to actually try this time, I was quite distressed and showed receipts of "vbucks" (in-game currency) purchases from back in october 2019 to may 2021, and all my previous in-game-names, (at this point I have probably given them enough details they might as well be my sibling, they literally had my full name, age, 3 of my bank card details, my password, ect...)

They then had the audacity to roleplay a character from the game to respond to my email "Unfit Meowscles", keep in mind this account is worth upwards of 1000 dollars, and an extremely old account as well, and they thought it would be ok to send an email saying the writer was an in-game skin!? At this point I was angry as well as very sad, as this game and my account meant a lot to me, and I was heartbroken to realise that they didn't even pay attention to the seriousness of my situation, this is disgusting behaviour and a total disregard of customer service standards, if they pieced all of the evidence I had given together there would be no doubt that it is infact my account, but it was not helped by the fact that they assigned a new person to the case each time, I have lost alot of hope with this case and scrolling through the reviews has made me so sad to realise that kids and teens are losing their accounts all the time because epic games realizes they can skip time and effort by just silencing them, I am hoping to fix this case soon as I have just re-opened another ticket (like they told me to), and wrote a very emotional email, providing countless screenshots and more evidence, next email will be escalation, maybe when I talk about a formal complaint they might listen.

User's recommendation: Do not waste money on this company unless you know the risks, know that they are a money driven company, their customer support are unlikely to help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epic Games Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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