I need either reimbursement or some type of full refund or my account to be reactivated, it should of never been disabled on first place I've never reported anything wrong with it but he epic shut it down and my account has been down on fortnite and rocket league for 4 months leaving me with no access to my games and no ability to see or play the games I spent thousands on and I've spent days providing info to epic to resolve the issue but it takes them forever and they ask more questions then a reporter and the company makes billions bit can't afford to send a technician to fix their problem they caused to my account for no reason . they claim their was suspicious activity bit all I did was play my game on my phone tablet n Xbox aka multiple devices.........

Which is a red flag to them and they shut me down for it lol where's my money or my reimbursement or my working game???

Fix. It I'll take down the review and forgive your company for all the time that has been wasted from my games that will never be reversed aka battle


User's recommendation: Don't play on multiple devices they will shut your account down and say your suspicious despite the thouaands you spent.

Location: Windsor, Ontario

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