In my attempts to link my Xbox live account, to my epic games account. I was sent step by step links by multiple Representatives, all of which took me to a page telling me that my Xbox live account was linked to a different epic games account.

At which point, I told each representative that the links that I was sent were not working. I told them they weren't working because the Xbox live account was linked to an epic games account that was not mine. I'm not sure why the representatives that I spoke with we're so sure that it was as simple as making my epic account full was the issue, but they obviously were not fully reading my emails.

I was also told that there was nothing able to be done, when in fact I watched my friend go through this exact scenario yesterday. 0-5 for a customer service rating.

User's recommendation: To ask for a manager if one even exists.

Preferred solution: My account corrected so I can trade with my team mate..

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