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Well there's a game called fortnite and it has to do with an IP address and my number being used illegally not by me but this guy called Saul Miranda or Laguna likes to send my information over there and to the dark web fraudulently using my name passing my information and pretty much anything else that you get a hold of through a phone number I'm not really too enthused about it and would like to ban him from fortnite and the fortnite username that he goes by because like I said he's fraudulently exceeding things and different levels that shouldn't be exceeding too and making money off of my name so I would appreciate a call back an my number is 562-358-**** and is being used by the police department too and pretty much the whole city of Hemet in San jacinto and pretty much all over whoever plays for tonight and where the games are eventually done at

User's recommendation: Make sure when you log into their website that they're not or he's not frauding you out of your information credit card numbers or anything like that because it's all a scam and it's under the www.robbrt@***.com using different phone number.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Epic Games Pros: Fortnite.

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