Gotten my account closed after someone decided to high jack it and spend 200+ USD on Fortnite items.

Tried to reopen the account and followed their steps to prove ownership and gave them all information possible to be given such as IP addresses, receipts, linked accounts, location of purchases and credit cards used on the account among various other things to get a generic "Since the information you have provided is not enough to verify your ownership of the account, and we can't tell you which ones you got wrong, we won't be able to make changes this time."

Their support takes too long to respond, when you do get a solution it's a year later like it took for me to get an in-game item to appear, or they'll flat out just have no solution to your problems like me.

User's recommendation: For the love of God use Steam their support is leagues better and play games from companies that actually have half decent support unlike epic games.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

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